Joburg council says no to Gupta rezoning plan

Joburg council says no to Gupta rezoning plan

A request by the Gupta family for their property in Saxonwold, Joburg, to be rezoned has been declined, a councillor said yesterday.

Ward 117 councillor Tim Truluck said he received written notification yesterday that the city's town planning tribunal had declined the request. No reason was given.

Gupta family spokesman Gary Naidoo said he would respond to questions by e-mail.

Truluck said that if the Guptas wanted to reapply for rezoning, they could do so at a provincial level, or submit a new application to the City of Joburg that was more in line with municipal requirements. Residents could also look at the application.

City spokesman Gabu Tugwana said: 'We believe the Guptas have knowledge of why the rezoning was declined. Rather (than us), the family are at liberty to explain the reasons why.'

It was reported earlier this month that Saxonwold residents threatened legal action if the city granted permission for alterations to a mansion within the Gupta family compound.

A team from the council's building committee inspected the mansion the previous week, but said it would not make public its decision.

The Guptas reportedly applied to have the alterations, which differed from previously approved plans, rectified.

Neighbours have complained that the building detracted from their enjoyment of their own homes.



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