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Q & A Section (Offer and Acceptance)

This is a new section that I am introducing to my Blog.  We, the staff at Shepperson Attorneys, will answer various readers'questions relating to South African Property Law.  Please e-mail your questions to (Please note that the Blog Disclaimer applies and contact us directly if you require a detailed legal opinion.) Question: We are in a process of buying a property and as the application for the loan is now with the banks, we have been told that there are two offers to the property. How do I go about finding out whether there is a written and thus legitimate second offer? If there is no second offer, what is the remedy to correct this situation? Answer: Naturally it is expected of people to be honest, fair and trustworthy in dealings with each other. These principles that form the foundation of good business are referred to as business ethics. However this is not always the case. Until communication of the acceptance of the offer

Banks more stingy with 100% homeloans.

Banks more stingy with 100% homeloans A sharp drop in the number of 100% home loans granted in August compared with June and July indicates that the banks, concerned about the still-high levels of household debt, are once more tightening up on credit qualification requirements for prospective homebuyers. So says Rudi Botha, CEO of BetterBond. "Our latest statistics show that the percentage of home loans granted for 100% of the property purchase price fell to 35% in August from 39% in July, and 41% in June. "Obviously, the banks are worried by the fact that the average household debt to income ratio is still stuck at around 75% at a time when consumers are facing rising energy, water, transport, food, education and medical costs that will undoubtedly eat into whatever disposable income they have left, and limit their ability to make bond repayments. "Consequently, they are looking to lower those repayments, and their own risk, by insisting that a greater percentag

Court forces Joburg council to fix billing mess

Court forces Joburg council to fix billing mess  A property owner is so fed up with years of fruitless attempts to rectify faulty property rates and tax accounts with the Johannesburg Metro Council that he has turned to the Pretoria High Court. Izak Fourie, a North West farmer who owned property in the Joburg area, said he tried to negotiate with the council to set his account straight - but in vain. The council's billing system was in chaos and although he went to its offices many times to try to fix the mistakes, nothing had changed. He had declared a dispute with the council, yet month after month he received a "final notice". "In the light of my fruitless attempts to solve the problems - [by] telephone, visits to their offices and written submissions - it is clear they have no measures to detect mistakes on accounts or rectify them," Fourie said. Hiss gripes include "fictitious" arrears on accounts. He is also billed for property he does

Tshwane set sights on smart city tag by 2055

Tshwane set sights on smart city tag by 2055 By the year 2055 Tshwane should be a city where the use of smart technology will be at the centre of service delivery as the city boasts many research and innovation institutions. The Innovation Hub, the CSIR and the three main universities in the city should be used to harness fresh innovations to advance service delivery in the city. These were the sentiments expressed by residents, academics and municipal officials this week as they exchanged ideas on how to make Tshwane a "smart city" during one session of the eight-week discussions on the Tshwane2055 vision. Most of those who attended the discussion were of the view that some services offered by the city to its residents should be simplified by using smart technology. This included the issuing of electricity bills through e-mails and SMSes, and the ability to track enquiries or complaints online. One resident said that even though there were a lot of things the mu

Denny Crane

Denny Crane
It's not me ... yet. Denny Crane from the TV series Boston Legal. Click on picture if you're not sure who he is!