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SA market a `dog eat dog world`- Growthpoint CEO

SA market a `dog eat dog world`- Growthpoint CEO The acquisition appetite of Growthpoint Properties over the last year is paying off; it declared an 8.3% distribution growth to 161.3 cents per share. The largest JSE property company by market capitalisation (R59 billion) says the growth in distributions was boosted by the number of acquisitions during the financial year. “The last 12 months was the busiest year since we started Growthpoint back in 2001. If you add all the investment activity and capital spend, you get to a number of R15 billion in investments,” explains Growthpoint CEO Norbert Sasse. Some of the acquisitions during the financial period includes a R1.3 billion deal of 17 high office properties from Abseq Properties and the entire portfolio of Tiber for R5.7 billion. In what is described as Growthpoint’s “ biggest investment”, it announced a stake bid in Acucap and Sycom of 34.9% and 23.2% respectively - a share swap deal worth  R4.5 billion. “We refer to i

Pretoria hailed as 'shopping mecca'

OK - soooo ... things about your own city that you did not know.  We are a "shopping mecca"! There are a lot of really nice malls but we are hardly Dubai.  Interesting that in the article, they claim the Mall of Africa for Pretoria, which is stretching reality a little in my opinion. When considering the viability and sustainability of malls in Pretoria, I think that we should also look at the disasters of Villa Mall and Zambezi Mall to add balance to an otherwise "rosy picture". Pretoria hailed as 'shopping mecca' Development and investment in Pretoria's shopping and retail sector has given the city a surge in its economic status. The rise in the number of shopping centres has put the city among the country's premier areas. The city boasts no fewer than five of the province's most impressive malls, with Menlyn Park being the biggest, and at 118 253m carries the title of Super Regional Shopping Centre.

The exclusivity lease conundrum

The exclusivity lease conundrum In a competitive retail environment, retailers at shopping centres such as Pick 'n Pay, Checkers and Shoprite continuously want to protect their turf through exclusivity clauses, but more counters are entering the fray. While in most cases anchor retailers have leases which ensure them a competitive advantage among competitors, the exclusivity lease environment is changing.

New property rental law to come into force

New property rental law to come into force Some amendments to the Rental Housing Act will mean every property lease has to be in writing and correctly drafted says Andrew Schaefer of property management company Trafalgar. 'This alone is a major departure from the current act, which states that a lease only needs to be in writing if the tenant requires it. This has led to many thousands of tenants and landlords, especially in informal housing settlements, living without any sort of legal document stipulating what their respective rights and responsibilities may be. 'However, most landlords don't have the know-how to draft a compliant lease, nor the time to handle the many other administrative tasks imposed by the Rental Housing Act. These include issuing detailed receipts for every payment made by the tenant, the management of tenants' deposits and provision of proof of the interest earned on these deposits as well as receipts for damages repaired, and the organisati

SA - the world’s fastest growing green building market

Worley Parsons Melrose Boulevard: Worley Parsons’s building at Melrose Boulevard has a four star rating. Nearly eight years ago green building in South Africa was considered as a “right thing to do” for the environment. But more developers are heeding the call for sustainable building as they are becoming more mindful of economic benefits and the country is positioning itself as the fastest growing sustainable building country in the world. Another six star green rating counter is Vodafone’s site solution innovation centre, located at the Vodacom campus in Midrand. “Environmentally sustainable buildings”, “rain harvesting” and “off-the-grid innovations” have been bandied about for years, but are now gaining credibility. The growth of green building in South Africa trumps that of established sustainability building regions such as Europe, Australia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Brazil. This has been confirmed by United States-based McGraw-Hill Construct

South Africa has no business law specialist

I think that the Honourable Minister may be mis-informed!!! If by some chance the Minister of Trade and Industry should come across my humble Blog, may I suggest that he visit my website for a brief indication as to what we do at Shepperson Attorneys. If Minister Davies has even more time available, he is most welcome to visit my office and we can discuss the business of  Business Law . Gareth Shepperson Commercial and Property Attorney South Africa has no business law specialist South Africa has no specialised business law practitioners to deal with company law, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said on Tuesday. Minister Rob Davies "We don't have specialised lawyers, judges, and litigators to tackle business law," he said at a company law symposium in Johannesburg. The symposium was examining, among other things, the Companies Act. Davies said the act had brought real benefits for company registration. "The law itself makes registration e

Denny Crane

Denny Crane
It's not me ... yet. Denny Crane from the TV series Boston Legal. Click on picture if you're not sure who he is!