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Please view our website at: Wow, it has been a loooooong road and much more effort, frustration, cost and consternation setting up a Law Firm than I ever expected!!!!!! We are, however, virtually 100% set up and I am very thankful to the many people who have helped me get to this position. In order to pursue my own vision, I resigned from Brazington Shepperson & McConnell and the partnership was accordingly dissolved at the end of May 2012.  My last Blog postings were therefore in May, prior to my departure and I have been remiss in not posting anything since then.  I left in a great hurry because I was attending the SAPOA Conference in Durban at the end of May (an awesome event that is the best organised event that I have had the pleasure of attending), and simultaneously trying to make arrangements for departure from the dissolved practice. After my resignation, I was put under a lot of pressure to vacate and we rushed off to my house with my share

Denny Crane

Denny Crane
It's not me ... yet. Denny Crane from the TV series Boston Legal. Click on picture if you're not sure who he is!