An Oldie but a Goodie

Blog to people, not at people

By Kevin O'Keefe 

Blog to people, not at people | Real Lawyers (

I came across this old Blog Post and it spoke to me.  

That shouldn't surprise me because Kevin knows what he's talking about.  He has always been somewhat of an inspiration for me, having followed him for over a decade.  Let me tell you a little about Kevin.

In 1999, Kevin closed hislaw firm to start his first company. was a virtual law community of people helping people, featuring message boards, articles, chats, listervs and ask-a-lawyer. was sold to LexisNexis, where it was incorporated into Martindale-Hubbell’s After a stint as VP of Business Development at LexisNexis, Kevin founded LexBlog out of his garage in 2004 (no affiliation with LexisNexis).

When he could not find someone to help him with his own blog, he started a company to provide what he needed. Strategy, professional design, platform, coaching, SEO, marketing and free ongoing support.

LexBlog has grown to a community of over 30,000 legal professionals, world-wide.

His blog, Real Lawyers, is now in its 17th year.


  1. Maybe I have moved away from this a little bit and it is something that I should think about when writing future posts. I think that my posts are a tad bit "marketing speak" combined with "lawyer speak".


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