SHEPPERSON'S FIRST LAW: 100,000 Page Views

Wow! ... nearly there.

Who would ever have believed that my Blog would be viewed 100,000 times?

I really hope that readers have found the content interesting and informative.  There are many of us with a passion for the Property Industry and even some with a passion for the Law.  As more and more statutes affect the Property Industry in South Africa, this Blog that combines Real Estate / Property and the Law can only become more and more relevant to all who operate in various property related fields.  I will endeavour to remain relevant.

There is a Counter at the bottom of the Blog that keeps a record of the page views and I really look forward to seeing it tick over the 100,000 mark.


Gareth Shepperson
Commercial and Property Attorney


Denny Crane

Denny Crane
It's not me ... yet. Denny Crane from the TV series Boston Legal. Click on picture if you're not sure who he is!