Be vigilant when signing contracts and making changes

Buying or Selling your residence is probably the BIGGEST investment that an individual will make during his/her lifetime.

However ... ASTONISHINGLY ... the vast majority of people "blunder" through the whole process with no legal representation or inadequate legal representation.

Please use an attorney specialising in property law to assist you.  Although the Seller is customarily the party who appoints the Transferring Attorney, the parties often simply rely on an attorney appointed by the Estate Agent, Bank or anyone willing to give his two cents worth.  Do some research and make sure that the firm is a reputable property specialist.  If the other party appoints the Transfer Attorney, then at the very least ask your own attorney to look at anything you are asked to sign ... especially the Offer to Purchase.

The cost of approaching your attorney pales into insignificance when compared with the cost of not doing so!

Gareth Shepperson

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Be vigilant when signing contracts and making changes : Property News from IOLProperty


Denny Crane

Denny Crane
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