Schubart Park residents must register to return to their properties

If you look back through my Blog posts, you will see that I have posted a number of articles and comments on Schubart Park.

I have long been a proponent of housing the majority of the population closer to the city centre because the benefit of cutting out travel time and costs is logical.  My opinion was enhanced when I visited Shanghai, Foshan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong during 2011.  It is just so much more efficient.

However, the damage done by Schubart Park to the perception of such high-rise housing in the minds of Tshwane residents should not be underestimated and I really hope that the management of the building will be handled better in the future.  It is totally unsustainable to continue building sprawling single storey projects further and further from the City centre.
Gareth Shepperson

Schubart Park residents must register to return to their properties

An urgent call has been made to former Schubart Park residents who were evicted from their homes more than a year ago to register for occupation when refurbishment of the flats is completed.

The Constitutional Court gave Schubart Park back to its residents.

According to Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR), who represented the former residents in their Pretoria High Court and Constitutional Court battles against the Tshwane Metro Council last year, registration will take place between Monday and Friday (January 18).

This is the second registration period and the last chance for the former residents to register. The first registration period was between December 10 and December 14 last year.

The LHR said in a statement yesterday that those who failed to register and were identified as former residents would have no access to alternative accommodation and would be unable return to their homes in the Schubart Park complex.

According to the LHR, a court order in October last year requires that the former tenants, "identified through an agreed process (between the residents' representatives and the metro council)", must be assisted with temporary accommodation before being allowed to move back into the Schubart Park buildings.

Registration will take place at the inner city offices of the metro council in the Sammy Marks complex, corner Madiba (Vermeulen) and Sisulu (Prinsloo) Streets, between 9am and 4pm.

Those wanting to register must bring copies of their own and their dependants' ID books, passports or asylum/refugee permits.

For more information call Nathaniah Jacobs at 071 608 6658.

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