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Wow, it has been a loooooong road and much more effort, frustration, cost and consternation setting up a Law Firm than I ever expected!!!!!!

We are, however, virtually 100% set up and I am very thankful to the many people who have helped me get to this position.

In order to pursue my own vision, I resigned from Brazington Shepperson & McConnell and the partnership was accordingly dissolved at the end of May 2012.  My last Blog postings were therefore in May, prior to my departure and I have been remiss in not posting anything since then.  I left in a great hurry because I was attending the SAPOA Conference in Durban at the end of May (an awesome event that is the best organised event that I have had the pleasure of attending), and simultaneously trying to make arrangements for departure from the dissolved practice.

After my resignation, I was put under a lot of pressure to vacate and we rushed off to my house with my share of the office contents.  I am very thankfull to my secretary, Jacqi Fisher, for attending to arrange everything from the moving company, to collecting our post and docex, and to ensuring that our clients experienced the minimum disruption to our service.

Jacqi did an exceptional job but there was nevertheless a dip in standard of service from that which our client's have come to expect from us.  We were operating with no phone lines, fax lines or internet connection.  We were using our mobile phones and my 3G phone connection for e-mails.  In addition, our new e-mail addresses did not always work and we moved to a new service provider.  (As a result, I now have 3 different e-mail addresses.)  It was infuriating delivering less than exceptional standards of service.

We survived operating from under under difficult circumstances at my house and have moved into new offices in Hatfield, Pretoria.  We are conveniently located only 200m from the Hatfield Gautrain Station and because our office tower is attached to a mall, there is virtually unlimited parking available for our clients.  With the installation of the phone, fax and ADSL lines, we were up and running ... albeit in a construction zone while our office remodelling was completed.

There are a few items remaining before we will be fully settled but I am extremely happy with the outcome of our move.  Viva la Shepperson Attorneys!!

One remaining item will be the finalisation of our website.  We have an address, namely

but the site has not been uploaded there yet as at the date of writing of this post.  You can nevertheless view our site as very much a work in progress at .

After the dissolution of my partnership, my erstwhile partners are practicing under a new name (Brazington & McConnell) and I wish them every success going forward.  They are excellent attorneys and I am sure that their practice will go from strength to strength.

I now fully intend blogging the latest Property News again, as I always have done, but there will also be an additional feature.  We will do a Q & A wherein we answer your property related questions.  We already have a number of questions but your are welcome to send your questions to

Please see the disclaimer on the Blog relating to legal advice and (for overseas readers) remember that this Blog is focused in South African Property Law and the South African Property Industry.



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