Conveyancers slam Sars' transfer duty e-filing : Property News from IOLProperty

Conveyancers slam Sars' transfer duty e-filing : Property News from IOLProperty

Criticism about the functionality of the new property transfer duty e-filing system introduced by the SA Revenue Service (Sars) last month has escalated.

The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) on Friday added its voice to complaints that serious problems were being experienced by conveyancers with the new system.

Adrian Lackay, a spokesman for Sars, earlier last week denied there were any problems with the new system and maintained it was working normally.

I don't know who Adrian Lackay is BUT I would like to tell him that the system has several faults and that the staff at the SARS call centre are TOTALLY UNTRAINED in its use!

Why would you actually pay someone whose only ability/skill is to give you a reference number and tell you that a consultant will revert to you????

Why would these staff tel you that a consultant will contact you within 48 hours when they have no intention of doing so????

Why when a consultant eventually contacts you would a technical guy contact you, only to admit that he can only answer IT questions and actually has ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of Transfer Duty regulations????

Why would they then suggest that you take up the matter with the local SARS office when the office is is Cape Town and you are in Pretoria????

Why when you eventually get through to the local SARS office do they tell you that they can't take calls from the public and refer you back to the call centre ... WHICH WAS WHERE YOU STARTED????

Why would you have an e-mail help service that is incapable of even acknowledging receipt of your query????

Why would SARS give a damn???

Gareth Shepperson


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