I have just reposted two articles from Moneyweb that I think are quite important when we look at the expansion of African business (and its impact on South African property). Obviously an expanding economy means an expanding property sector and it is therefore important for those of us involved in property that the South African (and African) economies expand.

The first article is about Phuthuma Nhleko (the outgoing CEO of MTN). I listened to Mr Nhleko on the "Money Show" on Radio 702 last night and there is no doubt that he is a very impressive and inspiring figure. However, the reason that I posted the Article is to show that it is possible for African companies (with a little vision) to expand throughout the continet AND BEYOND.

There are obviously any number of SA companies that demonstrate this (e.g. Anglo American, De Beers, SAB Miller, etc.) but how can we make such adventures in the wide world more common? The answer is perhaps to be found in the second Article, where it is advocated that if you want to be a success story, a good starting point may be to learn from (and perhaps emulate) an existing success story. No country has been more successful in recent times than China and the Article looks at what we (in Africa) can learn from China.


Denny Crane

Denny Crane
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