It is obvious that the reasons why people BLOG are as wide and varied as the personalities of the people involved.

The mere fact that a BLOG falls into a specific genre is no indication that the author has a common purpose with others of that genre. In the field of so-called BLAWGS (i.e. Law Blogs) there is certainly no commonality of purpose. In this post, I will explore some motivations and try and find my own place in the “blogosphere”.

I really hope that my heading grabbed your attention and that as a result, thousands will read this post. Just so you can see that it was not a total deception, here are the links to Naked Woman in Law and Where I left my pants. WARNING: The content is rather tame but you should refine your search technique if you were looking for “hardcore stuff”.

Certain Blawgs are posted by serious academics and their purpose appears solely to “publish”. In other words, due to their supposed “expertise” in any given field, they would like to have their opinion circulated. This is not so strange because academics have always sought to be published as much as possible and have sought out every news rag, journal or other forum conceivable.

Other Blawgs are posted by lawyers seeking to shamelessly self-promote their businesses. I had a go at this (see post entitled “Immigrate” on 29 April). This proved to be very ineffective. No comments were posted. I can only assume that this is as a result of one of the following:
1. It was written in a typical lawyer’s formalistic style (i.e. it was boring).
2. Those who did read it were not part of the “target market” (i.e. business owners seeking to immigrate).
3. Not enough people read it or passed it on to friends.
4. All of the above!!!!!!!!

Further Blawgs are published by lawyers seeking to establish themselves as an expert in a given field. Writing the Blawg not only ensures that they build up a library of articles that may be used as proof of their credibility but also ensures that they continue to research their particular field (looking for material) and thereby ensure that they remain current. The style of these Blawgs may range from the very formal to the very informal. On the formal side, I have recently come across by namesake in the UK and have read some of her blog posts. At the extreme of informality, I am intrigued by the style adopted by, for example GeekLawyer in postings such as “Stupid Cunts”. It’s a brave new world out there in the blogosphere. However, such blatant disregard probably needs to be tempered if you don’t want to run foul of the law.

Yet other Blawgs are published by legal publications, presumably in the expectation of attaining a wider circulation. The most comprehensive that I have found is the Wall Street Journal: Law Blog. The most interesting post so far (from a South African) is the compensation claim against US interests as a result of Apartheid.

Thanks to BRUCE, who confirmed in no uncertain terms that my Blog is boring. I will try and make it more entertaining but no-one should expect me to become the next GeekLawyer. Instead, I hope that readers will find my BLOG (Blawg) slightly entertaining and extremely informative [mostly about Property (Law) in South Africa]. It should be more direct than the general info contained on my website and far less formal.

Apprentice to Denny Crane
a.k.a. Gareth Shepperson


Denny Crane

Denny Crane
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