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I am a qualified Attorney. I specialise in Property Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Trusts.
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I am an elected Committee Member of the Property Committee of the Association of Pretoria Attorneys and through my involvement, I like to ensure that I am constantly at the "sharp-end" of Conveyancing Practice.

I am the elected Chairman on the Gauteng Council of SAPOA. The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) is the biggest and most influential institution in the property industry. SAPOA members control about 90% of commercial property in SA, with a combined portfolio in excess of R150 Billion (about $22 Billion). I am also on the National Council and the National Legal Committee of SAPOA.
Member of the Institute of Directors South Africa and Member of the Sirdar Governance Panel.

26 February 2015



The most relevant part of Minister Nene's Budget Speech for those involved in the Property Industry was the amendment to Transfer Duty. The new rates will only apply to property acquired on or after 1 March 2015 by any person, including companies, close corporations and trusts. 

In summary, the following was announced in the Budget:

Rate of transfer duty               
Taxable Income (R)
Rate of Tax (R)
R0 - R750 000
0% of property value
R750 001 - R1 250 000
3% of property value above R750 000
R1 250 001 - R1 750 000
R15 000 + 6% of property value above R1 250 000
R1 750 001 - R2 250 000
R45 000 + 8% of property value above R1 750 000
R2 250 001
R85 000 + 11% of property value above R2 250 000

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require a detailed quote relating to the total costs involved in Property Transfers or if you want advice on how to mitigate against such costs.
Gareth Shepperson

05 December 2014

Sirius Real Estate flat on listing

Sirius Real Estate flat on listing - Property | Moneyweb

Germany-focused property fund debuts on AltX.

JOHANNESBURG – Sirius Real Estate Ltd, a wholly Germany-focused property fund, traded in a tightly bound range on Friday morning, after listing on the JSE’s Alternative Exchange (AltX).

By 12:28, just more than 1 million shares had traded, out of a total issued share capital of 632,257,832. Having listed at R6 a share, the day’s low was a moderate R5.95, before edging back up to R6. At that price, Sirius has a market capitalisation of approximately R3.8 billion.

With a portfolio the company says is independently valued at R6.4 billion, Sirius is solely a specialist in German property, specifically 30 mixed-use business parks. The company is incorporated in the Channel Island of Guernsey.

14 November 2014

Property Mogul - Issue 2 - now out - Property | Moneyweb

Property Mogul - Issue 2 - now out

The first piece of investment advice I received was when I turned 18. My father told me that I must invest a third of my savings in property, another third in equity and the remaining third in cash.

This investment philosophy was pretty ubiquitous in the 1980s and explains why so many South Africans still firmly believe that property investments, especially residential investments, should form the foundation of investment strategies.

However, the market has changed significantly over the past 20 years. Apart from many regulatory changes, which had a negative impact on investment-focus residential properties, the listed property sector has consistently been one of the best performing sectors of the JSE.

03 November 2014

Affordable housing construction lags

Affordable housing construction lags

The lack of suitable affordable housing stock continues to bedevil the banking sector's ability to increase primary market end user finance, according to FNB chief executive Jacques Cilliers.

“Unless we overcome supply side challenges for new builds, lenders, despite their willingness and ability to provide end user housing finance to new homeowners, will continue to be hamstrung by insufficient housing supply,” Cilliers told a banking summit on Friday.

The theme of the summit was “A Partnership for Housing Delivery”.

The folly of holding on for too long

The folly of holding on for too long

The price only rises so far.
A wise investor once said: we all make mistakes when it comes to investing. Being wrong is not the problem, but staying wrong is.

I have been living on the Dainfern Golf Estate for more than 20 years. Over the years I have bought and sold many stands and properties on the estate and it would be fair to say that I know it well.

As Dainfern developed over time, good stands became increasingly scarce. One in particular caught my attention. It was one of the last stands with a river view and was owned by a retired estate agent who always claimed that he was going to hit the jackpot with the site.

28 October 2014

A step closer to Sharemax successor`s shareholder register

A step closer to Sharemax successor`s shareholder register

NGHC dismisses bulk of Nova, Frontier and Centro’s interlocutory application.

A swift judgment in the North Gauteng High Court (NGHC) has paved the way for Moneyweb’s application to inspect the shareholder registers of several companies related to the restructured Sharemax investment scheme.

Judge Neil Tuchten dismissed the most contentious request from the Nova Property Group, Frontier Asset Management and Investments and Centro Property Group to force Moneyweb journalist Julius Cobbett to hand over all his correspondence with third parties during his extended Sharemax investigations.

Nova Property CEO on Absa, Grindrod funding issues

Nova Property CEO on Absa, Grindrod funding issues

Dominique Haese says "funding is in no way related to the Sharemax or SARS issues."

ANDRIES VAN ZYL: You are listening to RSG Geldsake presented by Moneyweb.

The Sharemax property syndication, which is facing a liquidation application by the South African Revenue Service, is once again in the news because, according to a communiqué, the Nova Property Group, which has taken over the interests of the Sharemax investors, has been unable to access critical funding from Absa and Grindrod banks.

Tonight we are talking to the Nova Properties incoming chief executive, Dominique Haese. Good evening, Dominique.

DOMINIQUE HAESE: Good evening, Andries. We appreciate the opportunity.

LETTER FROM LONDON: A snub and a murder raise unfortunate headlines

LETTER FROM LONDON: A snub and a murder raise unfortunate headlines | Columnists | BDlive

SA made the headlines in the UK for all the wrong reasons again on Monday morning. The top news items, rightly so, were on the killing of Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates captain Senzo Meyiwa.

His death is a loss too great to quantify for his family, loved ones, fans and the nation. But it is the manner of his death that reinforces the view that SA is a violent, gun-crazy nation, where life is cheap.

From the Marikana massacre to the killing of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius, much of the news coverage here is about violence in SA. It’s tough to get a positive message out amid all of that.

And there are many positives about our country — we’re not exclusively about crime and violence. This week, SA’s image was to be burnished by a series of planned events.

Instead, diplomatic relations between SA and the UK have become rather awkward.

09 October 2014

Competition Commission to revisit exclusivity in lease agreements

Competition Commission to revisit exclusivity in lease agreements

THE Competition Commission is due to revisit the contentious issue of exclusivity in lease agreements between the owners of large shopping centres and anchor tenants after receiving a fresh complaint about the effect of such agreements on competition in the retail market.

This comes after a similar investigation by the commission in 2009 against the major supermarket chains and wholesale retailers. However, at the beginning of this year the commission announced that it did not find sufficient evidence to refer the matter to the Competition Tribunal for further prosecution.

Judges rule for property owners against banks

Judges rule for property owners against banks

After three years, the Moores finally own their house. Again! Six years ago, the Vereeniging couple fell prey to a reverse mortgage scam known as the Brusson scheme, named after the unregistered credit provider who managed to dupe about 900 people into handing over ownership of their properties in exchange for a loan.

The Moores received notice that the sheriff of the court would attach their property in August 2011, but less than two weeks ago, they knew that their home was safe.

SA`s encroaching crisis

A thought provoking article by Max du Preez.  There are so many questions without suitable answers or the motivation to implement the changes that are required.  When dealing with massive & rapid urbanisation, I don't believe that we need to "reinvent the wheel".  We need to look at countries that have dealt with similar massive and rapid urbanisation ... I'm talking about China.

See my Blog post at:

Gareth Shepperson
Commercial and Property Attorney

SA`s encroaching crisis

Is the real land ownership crisis in urban areas?

Conventional wisdom has it that urbanisation is a positive phenomenon: it is supposed to be easier and cheaper to deliver services, education and jobs to concentrated populations.

But certain realities have meant that over the last two decades urbanisation in South Africa has brought with it more bad than good and has contributed to the crisis the country is in now.

08 October 2014

Cape Town's R1 billion rates write-off

Cape Town's R1 billion rates write-off

The City of Cape Town has passed up on income of more than R1 billion for the 2013/14 financial year by granting exemptions, reductions and rebates on municipal rates.

Mayoral committee member for finance Ian Neilson said this was income that could have been generated for the city.

'The purpose of these various forms of rebate are to ensure that rates are affordable to our residents, and that owning a home does not become prohibitive to those on low or fixed incomes.