Property prices edge up, but at 'wrong' time

Property prices edge up, but at 'wrong' time There was a slight improvement in the property market in March, after a long slump, but it's bitter-sweet, says Seeff Property chairman Samuel Seeff. For just as a recovery beckons, consumers are being hard hit by hikes in fuel, electricity and rail costs. "The (March) increase (in house prices) of six percent is significantly higher than the 3.2 percent achieved last year. The good thing about it is that it shows there is some new energy in the market. "More people are buying homes as prices are slowly increasing. We find that more buyers are prepared to pay close to asking prices. "Several agents also said sellers have recently become more realistic with their asking prices," said Seeff. Seeff said the industry hit its first slump in 2007 after the introduction of the National Credit Act and its second after the global economic slump in 2008. "The introduction of the NCA had a great effect

Differences between the 'experienced property developers' and others

Differences between the 'experienced property developers' and others The last four challenging years experienced by the SA residential property development sector have revealed clearly the big differences between the experienced developers and those who are still relatively new to the game says Shiraaz Hassan of Asrin Property Developers. "It has been said," said Hassan, "that when the foundations for a new scheme have begun, over one-third of the work it entails has already been done. What this means is that the investigations, planning and the essential liaison processes with government parastatals, municipal authorities and interested and affected parties have been completed. It is a lack of thoroughness in these matters that has caused so many delays and resulted in so many of our colleagues' projects failing to be launched, even though they appeared to have potential." The initial due diligence process, said Hassan, is especially important to

'Embrace the property transfer process'

'Embrace the property transfer process' PLEASE SEE MY COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST! (Comments were made by myself and others on the original IOL Post.) Are you unhappy about how long it takes to transfer your new home into your name? Have you been inconvenienced by transfer delays which meant you had to carry on renting in your old home? Have you had to reschedule your move into your new home due to delays? These are all problems experienced by home buyers on a regular basis, made even more topical now here in Cape Town due to delays coming from the City of Cape Town's Rates Department. Property transfers almost always take longer than expected. It is a complex process and it can be delayed by many factors. Understanding the process will go a long way in avoiding any surprises and will prepare you for a smooth transition into your new home. When purchasing a new home, the transfer processes revolve around satisfying the applicable regulatory environments surrou

Denny Crane

Denny Crane
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