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Member of the Institute of Directors South Africa and Member of the Sirdar Governance Panel.

10 August 2011

Seller must keep in full touch with the transfer process

Seller must keep in full touch with the transfer process

I have posted this article from Moneyweb to remind all parties to a property deal (Sellers, Buyers & Agents) that the deal does not end when they sign the Offer to Purchase and that therefore, neither should their involvement.

We send out detailed and comprehensive weekly reports on all our Transfers, knowing full well that some parties may choose to ignore them. Everyone should remember that signing an Offer to Purchase is only the first step in a process that culminates in registration in the Deeds Office (and frequently goes beyond that).

We sometimes need to secure possession of a registered deed in a quicker time period than the Deeds Office usually takes to process it. We sometimes need to follow-up at municipalities for clients when the registration in the Deeds Office is not reflected in the Municipality's records. Our involvement therefore often goes beyond registration. The parties should also be involved until every last aspect is finalised.

We aim to be of service from start to finish and report to everyone on a weekly basis. This should be an invitation to all the parties to participate and actively engage in the process. Don't just sit back once the Offer is signed because we welcome your input.

Gareth Shepperson

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